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Powers Auditorium on the Willamette High School campus

[off Beltline and Barger]

1801 Echo Hollow Road

Eugene, Oregon 97402

[Click the image below for map]

Power's Auditorium at Willamette High School

1801 Echo Hollow Rd. Eugene Oregon

Power's Auditorium at Willamette High School makes every effort possible to accommodate the needs of all members of the community and is dedicated to complying fully to the American’s with Disabilities Act. We offer accessible seating for physically challenged patrons. We have a wheelchair available for movement from car to venue as needed.

Snacks and Beverages

Snacks and beverages are available for purchase in the cafeteria during intermission (after the first 3 acts and before the last 2).

Food and drinks are provided by various school groups. This is done as a fundraiser to help earn money for their program. The foods and drinks are made/purchased by the children/families involved, who serve these to you at the show!

Event Times:

Shows are held on the second Saturday of each month

(unless otherwise noted*)

5:00 PM

Doors open

5:15 PM


(The Emerald Valley Opry Houseband)

6:00 PM


Upcoming Show Dates:
*March 19 note 3rd Sat.
April 9
May 14
June 11
Sept 10
October 8
November 12
December 10