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Emerald Valley Opry is a monthly concert featuring 5 talented guest performers/acts. We also have an incredible house band that opens every show.

All proceeds go to keep music alive in the Bethel School District.

Although our admission prices are kept low, our talent is not. We have performers from all over the country, many are award winners in their genre. Country, Western, Bluegrass, Gospel, Americana, Alternative, Rockabilly and that occasional group that just doesn't fit into any single category. Every month is a variety of talent to make any one happy with the evening's entertainment.

Mission Statement for Emerald Valley Opry (EVO)

The primary mission of Emerald Valley Opry is to promote & support music education.

Goals for EVO

-Provide events that are entertaining & affordable to the community

-Support funds for the music departments in the Bethel School District

-Provide 2 $2000 scholarships yearly for graduating seniors pursuing music in college.

Objective of EVO

To continue to serve the public & provide funds to support the music programs for Bethel School District. Your support will enable us to accomplish this goal and objective.

Emerald Valley Opry is a nonprofit organization.