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Shannon Cooper and husband, Ron

Shannon is the Correspondence Secretary.  She and Ron are in charge of the booking for the Emerald Valley Opry.

Shannon Cooper was born and raised here in Eugene. She attended Bethel schools for 12 years. Both her and Ron graduated from Willamette in 83. She attended Lane community college here and then she and Ron married. They spent almost 23 years in the Air Force until Ron retired and they came home to Eugene. Now they are parents of a student here at Willamette and their daughter graduated from here. She was raised with country western music with her dad Paul and his brothers and always helped with the Opry when home on leave. Both Shannon and Ron have stepped up and helped with EVO since returning to Eugene. She hopes to get more of the Bethel parents involved.

Jennifer Rose

Jennifer is a board member of the Emerald Valley Opry and coordinates prizes, volunteers (including scholarship applicants), and front operations at the Emerald Valley Opry.

She has volunteered with the Opry for 10+ years. She is mom to the Opry Mascot, Paul Anthony. She has graduated from Portland State with the Bachelors in Social Science and is currently teaching at Head Start.

Richie Stiles

Richie is a board member of the Emerald Valley Opry

Thank You to Our Volunteers!

Our work would not be possible without the work of our dedicated board and volunteers, who are not paid for their countless hours of dedicated service each month!

Volunteers have helped out in a great many ways: providing supplies, helping with admission and raffle tables, set up and tear down of each monthly event, sharing the word of our show in public, and many other tasks.

Because of this invaluable contribution, we're eager to say a big public "Thank you volunteers!” - some of whom are listed below:

Fay Eoff [front end support]

Dan Parrish [support]

Tom Coates [sound and lights]

Royal Yoakum [sound and lights]

Paul Anthony Cooper

Alan Corbeth and wife, Leonie

Alan is EVO Chairman and House Band Manager.

 Alan Corbeth has worked in the broadcasting and recording industry for over thirty-five years.  He helped build one on the largest nationally syndicated radio programs in this country, “Coast to Coast AM” with Art Bell and George Noory.

Prior to that, he served as a Senior Vice President with Premiere Radio Networks.  Alan built and managed a local radio station in Southern Oregon where he helped to established Chancellor Broadcasting and Talk Radio Network.  He worked as Director of Technical Production for National Public Radio in Washington, DC, Israel Radio in Tel Aviv, Israel, and Capitol Radio in London, England.  During his seven years in England, he also worked for CBS and RCA records.  Alan started his recording and broadcasting career with a large independent recording studio in New York City.  In 2008, Alan was invited to Chicago to introduce Art Bell into the Radio Hall of Fame.  Alan currently resides in Junction City with his wife Leonie.

Lonnie Wiese and his wife, Dawn

Lonnie is the secretary. During shows, Lonnie is often found at the admission table.
Lonnie has been on the board for 7 years. He and his wonderful wife Dawn live in Eugene.

Joyce Putnam

Joyce is the treasurer and takes care of the advertising .  

Joyce has been with the Opry most of the time since it came to Powers. She was one of group that helped get it started here in the Bethel district. She has lived in this area since 1969 and her children went to school here and still live in area. Joyce is retired but does volunteer work for the Opry, church and Carmelite Nuns. She does not play music but has been involved with it for over 43 years and enjoys being part of EVO.